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Get New Customers Implementing SEO Strategy To Web Positioning

DID YOU KNOW? – Google today covers 97% of all searches made ​​through the Web.

If your website is not positioned in the top results of Google, you’re losing a huge amount of potential customers.

A campaign optimization in search engines well-structured is the fundamental starting point for a strategy of fully integrated digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Cyberspace is full of people looking for your products or services and SEO Positioning allows you to leverage your business perfectly meet this highly qualified target audience practically does not require any kind of conviction to choose the solutions you offer. YOU GET WHAT BENEFITS OF A CAMPAIGN WITH DIGITAL SEO?

  • Improve the visibility of your website in search engines.
  • Increased number of organic visits to your website.
  • Increase in the number of contributions or sales of your product or service.
  • A sustainable marketing campaign
  • Branding improve your brand.

How Web Positioning help your business?

Web PositioningImagine that your website is like a shop located in a suburban street of the city, for that reason your business is hidden in narrow streets where practically nobody is hoping to find her. On the other hand the successful stores are located strategically in the main avenue of the city center where hundreds or thousands of potential customers walk by every day. So how you can place your store on the same avenue where your customers spend daily and stay with a juicy slice of that pie?

Precisely here it is where our service Search Engine Optimization can help.

With our SEO service we will ensure that your website is on the first page of search results where the chances of being found by your potential customers are extremely higher.

With greater visibility of your site you will get more visitors, more leads and ultimately more sales.

Having a website with good design, good value and easy navigation is a powerful tool to attract new customers and thus sales.

But unless your site can be easily found by search engines, you’re not getting the attention – or results – desired.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, uses techniques to help website owners improve their ranking in search results, and therefore reap more attention and visits from consumers.

Many of the techniques used by companies offering SEO services are based on the use and placement of keywords related to specific terms used by consumers looking for the product or service offered by the website in question.

When a consumer initiates a Web search, the search engines use keywords to locate websites that better meet user needs in relation to your search criteria.

Sites that comply more with these requirements appear first, resulting in that 76% of clicks will take them the first 5 positions: 76%.

Companies offering SEO Services must have a thorough knowledge and study of the behavior of search engines and how they “see” the code, keywords and semantic content within a web page, allowing them to embed these elements in the most effective way to ensure the best results.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that SEO is simply “keyword cramming”, repeat as often as possible or keywords in the text of a web page. In fact, there is nothing further from reality: Most search engines are sensitive to technical “SPAM” and can even completely removed from their indexes sites that use this type of action.

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